The road from product creation to market success is a long one, which is why we need the right employees in every area of our company, who are willing to join us on this exciting journey. This philosophy has made KTM the most influential motorcycle brand on the market for decades. And we will continue to maintain this position in the future!


The creative engineers in our R&D department work virtually around the clock on the motorcycles of the future. In the form of prototypes, the results of their labours are put to the test by our factory teams on racetracks around the world. Only innovative concepts that survive this ordeal are carried over into series production and can rightly claim to be “READY TO RACE”.

What awaits you:

  • Vehicle development
  • Engine development
  • EMS (engine management system) applications
  • Electronics, electrical engineering
  • Calculation / simulation / measurement technology
  • Design
  • Test stand technology


Via our network of sales subsidiaries we control 80 percent of our international sales. These subsidiaries give us direct access to KTM dealers and enable us to respond quickly to market developments and customer expectations. In the remaining markets, we are either represented by joint ventures or we collaborate with independent importers.

In addition to the expansion and qualitative development of our sales structures in traditional KTM markets, we are also expanding in emerging markets such as South America, the Middle East and Asia. Our flagship stores are intended to immerse customers in the orange world and infect them with the fascinating KTM spirit.

What awaits you:

  • Sales assistant
  • Sales management
  • Regional management
  • Spare parts/accessories sales
  • Sales administration
  • Sales planning
  • X-Bow sales


Success and fascination are the best advertisements in the world of racing. KTM motorcycles are on a winning streak on every continent around the globe, from regional championships to world championship titles. Our marketing campaigns are dedicated to presenting these triumphs in their proper light, ensuring that the KTM brand conquers not only the racetracks but also racing fans’ hearts. The marketing team in Mattighofen is made up of generalists and specialists, but they all have one thing in common: a “hands-on mentality” and a goal that we want to achieve as a team.

What awaits you:

  • End-customer sports
  • Events/exhibitions
  • Marketing communications
  • Retail marketing
  • Public Relations work
  • Digital communications / new media


Designers and engineers may plan and develop the motorcycles, but all of the pre-assembled components that are needed to build a true KTM don’t come together until they reach production – and this wouldn’t be possible without perfect logistics. Over 10,000 different parts are used to assemble 30 different engines and 150 different motorcycles. But first, tubes and sheet metal must be sent to the halls for bending and punching. These are then formed into frames and exhaust systems by 40 welding robots. Sixteen machining centres are available for machining engine cases and cylinder heads for our high-performance engines. 

KTMs roll off the assembly lines every four minutes; 81,000 were produced in 2012 alone! This means that a single production team employee manufactures 100 complete motorcycles each year. After assembly, every new KTM undergoes a rigorous functional check on the test stand. This guarantees optimum performance even under the harshest conditions. Only then are our products ready to be shipped worldwide. 

What awaits you:

  • Engine and vehicle assembly
  • Pre-assembly
  • Workflow improvement
  • Facility and equipment maintenance
  • Component and prototype production


The Purchasing department handles the entire procurement process for our purchasing portfolio. The aim and responsibility of this position is to request and negotiate pricing from reliable vendors for all of the prototypes, series tools and series parts required for series production. The purchaser tailors the standard contracts and concludes purchasing agreements based on the instructions of the purchasing manager. Concluding quality assurance agreements and exclusion agreements, as well as requesting technical specifications, are additional areas of responsibility of our Purchasing department.

What awaits you:

  • National and global sourcing
    • Purchasing products and services (series and non-series purchasing)
    • Selecting and acquiring suppliers
    • Continuous monitoring of the supplier market
  • Preparing make-or-buy decisions
  • Ensuring that suppliers implement technical specifications and QM guidelines


The Logistics department’s seamless supply chain is what keeps the engine of production running. Smooth logistics are the only way to ensure the timely delivery of motorcycles and spare parts worldwide. Customs handling is another key area of expertise. Special projects in motor sports and marketing are additional, very exciting fields of work.

Moreover, the Logistics department plays a key role in achieving our business objectives. This department helps to streamline workflows, reduce costs and shorten production times – something that is also clearly reflected in our times on the racetrack!

What awaits you:

  • Supply chain management
  • Transport organisation
  • Transport packaging optimisation
  • Process optimisation in transport and warehouse management
  • Managing international projects

Quality management / customer service

Anyone who has ever propelled an Enduro or Crosser through rough terrain knows the conditions that these motorcycles must endure. That’s why our quality management system guarantees the greatest precision throughout the entire development process, so KTM riders can count on their motorcycles in any situation – no matter how extreme. 

What awaits you: 

  • QM testing laboratory
  • QM vehicle assembly
  • QM engine construction / mechanical production
  • Sampling / safety management

Our work is far from over when our motorcycles leave the plant in Mattighofen. Providing our customers with professional service is an important component of maintaining and enhancing the premium standards that we set for our motorcycles. Customer service is responsible for ensuring that customer feedback flows directly into our product improvement process.
What awaits you: 

  • Technical editing of operating/repair manuals
  • Technical editing of spare parts lists
  • International customer support
  • Diagnosis/training
  • Offroad technical coordination


The IT department and the area of Organisation are important, central elements of our company. They ensure that all of our company systems are available and functional 24/7. In addition, the IT department is responsible for developing company-specific solutions and integrating them within the existing IT infrastructure.

What awaits you:

  • Client management / hotline support
  • Data warehouse management
  • Application development and support
  • ERP system development and support
  • IT administration

The area of Organisation is responsible for defining and mapping business processes and organisational rules that affect the entire company. This area is also responsible for optimising and adapting these systems to changing conditions.

What awaits you:

  • Organisational development
  • Process analyses


The Finance department is in charge of all KTM’s financial matters. It is responsible for external and internal reporting, it maintains the company’s relationships with investors and it also ensures compliance with all financial regulations. At a dynamic, forward-looking company like KTM, the challenge lies in attention to detail.

What awaits you:

  • Treasury
  • General accounting (receivables/payables)
  • Consolidation
  • Sales controlling / operation controlling
  • Dealer and end-customer financing
  • Financial reporting

Legal department

The Legal department pays meticulous attention to ensuring compliance with all applicable laws. The experts here handle all of the company’s legal affairs and help to safeguard the company’s brands and products.

What awaits you:

  • General contract drafting
  • Civil law enquiries
  • Due diligence
  • Trademark law and fair trade practices
  • Compliance

Human Resources

We understand how important the right staff can be. After all, premium products require premium employees! The Human Resources department is responsible for making this happen, from selecting the employees, to developing their careers at KTM.

What awaits you:

  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources development / training workshops
  • Payroll accounting
  • Time management and administration

Motor sports

To us, “READY TO RACE” is much more than just a marketing slogan. It’s our doctrine – you might even say it’s our religion. Technology that survives the perpetual wear and tear of factory racing is integrated into the series production for the next model year. We deliver our motorcycles with all the professional details a racing rider needs.

“READY TO RACE” means that we confront our competition – on the racetrack as well as in day-to-day business. KTM has won more than 250 World Championship titles since the company was founded – and for good reason. No other brand of motorcycle has more offroad experience. KTM has been going full throttle – even on asphalt – since 2004 and is ensuring that the colour orange will continue to dominate the racing landscape in the future.

What awaits you:

  • Engine and motorcycle development in the disciplines Motocross, Enduro, Rally and Road Racing
  • General racing organisation and administration

Internships/final assignments

Gain experience
Are you interested in gaining practical experience before starting your career? An internship offers you the opportunity to gain a first insight into our work methods and establish important contacts with our employees.

Holiday internship
We give you the opportunity to learn more about our company during your summer break (July - September). The application period for holiday internships is only from January until the end of February. Please apply via our online platform in the section “vacant positions”. Until the end of April, we will inform you about possible applications. Holiday internships are possible in various departments. Please indicate in your application, which departments you would be interested in.

Internships to accompany your studies
Would you like to participate in interesting projects at KTM during your studies, in order to improve your chances of being hired or to find an exciting topic for your final assignment or thesis? Dedicated college students are involved fully in our workflows and have the opportunity to become a driving force behind demanding projects. Very often internships are linked to bachelor and master theses. In most cases accompanying internships last at least 4 to 6 months. Vacant internships are advertised via our online platform in the section “vacant positions”.

Ready To Race