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How do I apply for a job?

You can submit your employment application online via the KTM Career Portal. It allows you to upload your individually prepared application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates, diplomas, letters of recommendation, photo).

Which is better, an online application or one sent via regular mail?

The online application offers the advantage your data being processed faster, so that you receive feedback from us shortly after submitting your application.

What documents should be included in a good application?

To apply for employment at KTM, you will need a convincing cover letter, a CV and the relevant certificates, diplomas and letters of recommendation. Please ensure that your application also indicates which area you wish to work in.

What should I keep in mind when applying?

We’ve put together some useful information and checklists for you in our “Tips on how to apply” section. What’s more, we are always visiting schools and job fairs, where you can obtain more information from our trade fair stands.

When should I apply?

Apply as soon as you find a position that you feel is the right match for your profile. We are happy to accept applications for internships and final assignments up to one year prior to the desired start date. Be sure to include the desired start date in your application.

Does KTM also accept unsolicited applications?

You are welcome to send an unsolicited application if you are unable to find a suitable position in the KTM Career Portal. But don’t forget to include the position/department you wish to work for.

Do I need a university degree to work at KTM?

Education is important, but most of our positions do not require a specific degree. KTM values performance, not PhDs!

Do I need a class A (motorcycle) driving licence to work at KTM?

We are seeking employees who share our passion. But a class A licence is not a mandatory prerequisite for a career at KTM, unless specifically stated in the requirements profile for the position that you are interested in.

When can I expect a response to my application?

If you submit your application via the KTM Career Portal, you will immediately be sent confirmation that we have received your application. It then usually takes us three to four weeks to process your documents. If we receive a large volume of applications, it may take us a little longer. But we will be sure to inform you of this in advance.

How does the selection process at KTM work?

We have a multi-stage employee selection process that differs according to the position. The initial interview is for getting to know the applicants and determining whether their existing experience and knowledge are the right fit for the job. The second stage is designed to give prospective employees a chance to learn more about their future working environment and find out the answer to any remaining questions they may have.
A multi-day trial internship gives trainees a chance to demonstrate their talent and confirm their abilities by completing an aptitude test.

How many training positions are offered each year?

KTM has the largest vocational training programme in the Braunau district, offering around 20 new traineeships in both its technical and commercial departments every year.

What prerequisites/interests should candidates wishing to participate in the KTM vocational training programme have?

If you are interested in a technical vocation at KTM, you should have a basic understanding of technology, as well as manual dexterity and good spatial perception. A keen interest in working with computers, an understanding of business, and good organisational skills are key prerequisites for aspiring industrial clerks. With all of our trainees, we place special emphasis on proper conduct, the ability to work in a team, reliability, determination and enthusiasm for work.

What prospects does KTM offer after completion of a vocational training programme?

We provide our trainees with the best possible education, so that they are able to contribute towards KTM’s success in the future with their excellent performance. Individuals who have completed their vocational training can take on their own area of responsibility and kick-start their careers at KTM!

How long do internships last?

In general, our opinion is “the longer the better”. This is why most of the internship positions we advertise last for six months. However, we also offer shorter internships during holidays or to bridge the gap between graduation and military/civil service.

Do interns receive any remuneration?

Interns at KTM are also paid, of course. In addition, KTM offers all of its employees and interns a number of benefits.

What prospects does KTM offer after completion of an internship?

An internship helps to provide orientation during a candidate’s vocational training phase and is often the first step to a career at KTM. If you are interested in becoming a part of KTM when you complete your internship, we will gladly work together with you to weigh up all the options for launching your career at KTM.

Can I complete my final assignment/thesis at KTM?

You can, of course, complete your final assignment/thesis in cooperation with KTM. There are a number of subjects worth taking a closer look at. You are also welcome to suggest your own ideas.

How can KTM help me to progress on a professional/personal level?

At KTM, we feel it is also our job to identify and promote your skills, which is why we offer individual advice and assistance in developing your talents even further. Our size and the dynamic nature of our company are constantly generating exciting new challenges for you to take on.

Can I also gain international experience at KTM?

KTM is one of the world’s leading motor sports vehicle manufacturers, with branches around the globe. International business is therefore a matter of course in many of our divisions.

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