What motivates you?

Racing suits, not business suits. Short communication paths, not the long road to boredom. 100 percent, not the same old 9 to 5. Getting things done instead of getting bogged down in endless meetings. A chance to use your IQ instead of engaging in mindless tasks. This has made us one of the most influential motorcycle brands on the market for decades. And we will continue to maintain this position in the future!

KTM employees are like KTM motorcycles: Drive is what counts, not the model year, the mileage or the preferred terrain. We are looking for employees who are willing to work together, think together and live out the KTM philosophy together. With or without career experience. With or without a university degree. With one or two X chromosomes. Because no matter who you are, what ultimately matters is what you are capable of!

"Ready to Race"

KTM is more than a company – KTM is a brand and “READY TO RACE” is our philosophy! The four cornerstones of this philosophy not only apply to our motorcycles, but also to each and every KTM employee.


You should be able to focus on the essentials and be capable to stay calm and flexible, even in difficult situations. Bureaucracy mustn´t turn as an end in itself. That way we stay on the right track and cross the finish line.


Motivation, thinking out of the box and a common passion for motorsport urge us to maximum performance. Only if everyone gives the very best in his or her area of responsibility and with perfect communication between our teams, will it be possible to reach the next level.


KTM offers you a very dynamic environment, various assignments and always new challenges. Open mindedness is an essential feature for our employees. Together with us, you have the chance to explore uncharted territory and redefine limits.


We are anything but average. Only those, who constantly accept new challenges and are supported, are able to achieve permanently the extraordinary. With this aim in mind we make our employees strong, fast and reliable. As they say “READY TO RACE”.

World champion seeks new talent!

Dedication and enthusiasm in the KTM team are important components of the success story that is “Made in Austria”. Just like racing, our products demand hard work and motivation. Our success is proof of this. KTM factory riders from Mattighofen have won more than 250 world championship titles throughout the company’s history!

If you want to achieve the extraordinary at KTM, we will offer you extraordinary opportunities, even in unusual workplaces. Excellent opportunities for training and advancement give you the chance to prove what you’re capable of. Because, at KTM, it is important to us that you take on responsibility right from the start.
If everyone performs their tasks to the best of their abilities, and the cooperation between racing, R&D, production, sales and marketing is seamless, then we’re “READY TO RACE” – on the track and in the world of everyday riding. After all, we expect just as much from our employees as we do from our motorcycles.

Ready To Race