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KTM starts first quarter with records

Sales increase to 41,858 vehicles (+26.9% to prior year) and increase in revenue to EUR 249.5 million (+26.7% to prior year)

KTM: Executive Board contracts extended early - Tightening of the group structure

Supervisory Board extended Executive Board contracts Group structure tightened and realigned

KTM – Fourth record year in a row

2014 was another record year in KTM’s history.
Sigl, Trunkenpolz, Pierer, Roithner & Plöckinger KTM 1190 ADVENTURE 2014

Production record 2014: More than 100,000 motorcycles

In 2014, for the first time in the company history of KTM, more than 100,000 motorcycle have been produced at the headquarters in Mattighofen (AUT).

KTM stays in the fast lane

115,731 bikes sold and increase in revenue to 644.8 mio. EUR

KTM: EIB-loan for R&D-projects

KTM concluded a loan agreement with the European Investment Bank for a loan amounting to 75 million EUR and a six-year maturity.

KTM continues the record ride

70,469 bikes sold and increase in revenue to 410.3 mio. EUR

KTM: Continuing the road to success in Q1 2014

Sales increase to 32,994 vehicles (+26.8% to previous year) and increase in revenue to 196.9 mio. EUR (+20.4% to previous year)

KTM: Record in 2013

Best year in the company’s history

KTM – Record year 2013

2013 was a record year in KTM’s history. Sales, revenue and the number of employees increased again strongly.
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