More than only offroad

KTM is the leading manufacturer in the field of offroad competition. As Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer, however, KTM offers more than merely all-terrain bikes. The model range extends on the road from the 125 DUKE for newcomers to the 1290 SUPER DUKE R naked bike. The X-BOW extreme sports car is KTM's answer on four wheels. And the product portfolio is rounded off with high-quality PowerParts and PowerWear ranges, plus KTM Ride Orange and KTM Finance in the service sector.

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Offroad Motorcycles

The offroad motorcycle group, with a share of around 40 percent, forms the core product market for KTM. Due to their construction, equipment and tyres, these motorcycles are designed first and foremost for offroad riding. At the same time, however, they can mostly be ridden on the road as well. The offroad motorcycle group includes the model lines MX, Enduro and FREERIDE.

  • MX

Motocross motorcycles are extremely quick and agile racing bikes that boast a high degree of power at a relatively low weight. All MX motorcycles are equipped with 2-stroke or 4-stroke single-cylinder engines and are employed in both professional and amateur races. The development of production motorcycles is therefore largely based on experience gained in racing.

  • Enduro

Like MX motorcycles, Enduro motorcycles are designed for offroad use and have similar characteristics. Also powered by 2 and 4-stroke engines, Enduros, however, are oriented more towards the extreme loads of middle-distance racing and are even simpler to maintain. Due to accessories such as lights, indicators and silencers, they can also be made street-legal.


In form of the four-stroke FREERIDE 350, KTM created a whole new offroad segment in 2012, which was extended by the two-stroke FREERIDE 250R one year later. Fundamentally, the bikes have the same genes as a KTM Enduro, but with less engine power that is more smoothly applied, lower overall weight and a lower seat height, making these motorcycles ideal for Enduro newcomers as well as a real fun machine for experts.

With the start of series production of the electrically driven FREERIDE E-SX and FREERIDE E-XC, KTM set a milestone in the matter of E-Mobility in autumn 2014. KTM made huge development efforts in this new and innovative technology and is the first large-volume manufacturer to place an electrically driven sportmotorcycle on the market. As of spring 2015 the FREERIDE E range will be extended by the FREERIDE E-SM. Like the FREERIDE E-XC, this new model can be homologated for street use, whereas the E-SX is only approved for use on closed tracks. There is a feature which is common to all FREERIDE E models: the sturdy, high-torque brushless synchronous engine which is driven by a PowerPack with a capacity of 2.6 Ah. Well packed in a  light and agile chassis, the FREERIDE E models are the ultimate soundless and emission-free fun machines, even in places where combustion-engined bikes are banished.


In terms of their design, Sportminicycles have the same characteristics and possible uses as motocross motorcycles, although they are conceived for talented racers of the future – in other words, for four year-old kids to fourteen year-old youngsters. Due to the power developed by the engines and the chassis specifications, they are fully fledged racing bikes and are as such not approved for use on public roads.

Street Bikes

Based on its expertise from the offroad world and experience in the world of racing, KTM has also further developed its model range of Street Bikes in the last decade and has increased their product share to around 47 percent. The Street Bikes from KTM are characterised by the outstanding ride characteristics and the bountiful torque from the single and twin-cylinder engines. The KTM Street Bike range covers Travel Enduro, Naked and Supersport bikes from 125 to 1300 cc.

  • Travel Enduro

In 2002, a motorcycle from this model line came away with the first of a total of 13 victories in succession in the Dakar Rally. Based on the newly developed 4-stroke 950cc V2 engine, KTM's first Travel Enduro followed in the same year in the form of the ADVENTURE 950S. The latest ADVENTURE generation sets entirely new standards in the travel enduro segment. Due to revolutionary safety systems and the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control – the world´s first lean-sensitive cornering ABS – the 1190 ADVENTURE and 1190 ADVENTURE R are therefore not only the most versatile travel enduros but also the safest on the market. In 2015, the ADVENTURE family is extended by the 1050 ADVENTURE and the 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE, which are now enriching the ADVENTURE family with an entry and a luxury model. 

  • Naked

In 1994, the idea was conceived in the KTM factory in Mattighofen of launching a unique motorcycle onto the roads in the form of the DUKE. The lovingly designed single from Austria was merely the beginning of the global DUKE cult. The renunciation of fairing components is reflected in the eye-catching design and gave the name to this Naked Bike segment. In the form of the current 690 DUKE R and 1290 SUPER DUKE R, KTM has the most powerful single and twin cylinder in this segment. The DUKE family is completed by 125/200/390 DUKE models, which are a global success for KTM on any market the brand is represented.

  • Supersport

Supersport bikes embody the "READY TO RACE" philosophy for street bikes in its purest form. Low weight, plenty of traction, good feedback, high torque, plus extreme precision and perfect ergonomics make the new RC 390, as well as the 1190 RC8 R Superbike safe on the road and the ultimate winning machines on every racetrack. In many countries the RC 200 represents the most affordable and serious Supersport bike, whereas in Europe and North America the RC 390 and its Cup version are the percet choice for hundreds of young riders to take first steps into racing series.

  • 125

With the launch of the 125 DUKE, KTM is attending even more to the needs of the next generation, presenting a street-legal model aimed at beginners for the first time in spring 2011; in 2014 the full-faired RC 125 has been implemented on an equal basis. Both motorcycle reflect the experience gained by KTM with compact and lightweight high-performance engines, offering reliable, high-quality technology and the riding fun typical of KTM at a reasonable price.

  • Supermoto/ Enduro

The world´s most powerful single cylinder engine also goes with Supermoto and Enduro riding missions, therefore KTM is offering the agile 690 SMC R and the unstoppable 690 Enduro R. Both models are street legal, nevertheless they offer immense performance when taken on a race track or on offroad paths.


Since its début at the 2008 International Motor Show in Geneva, the KTM X-BOW, with its aggressive design and huge racing potential, has become the reference in the radical, lightweight sports car segment State-of-the-art racing technology, such as the trendsetting carbon-fibre monocoque, coupled with virtually unbelievable performance, guarantee a unique experience – on the road as well as on the racetrack.

PG&A (Parts, Garments & Accessories)

Alongside motorcycles, KTM also supplies its customers with matching branded accessories. These accessories encompass spare parts (Original Spare Parts), technical accessories (PowerParts), clothing (PowerWear), engines and suspension components marketed under the WP Suspension brand, overall making up around 25 percent of the KTM product share.

  • Original Spare Parts

The spare parts range is a key contributory factor to sustainable customer satisfaction within the framework of a comprehensive customer service. The special significance of this area also manifested itself in the opening of a new spare parts centre in Mattighofen in 2007 and its expansion in 2012. Every day, the comprehensive logistics centre provides dealers and importers around the world. The optimised service level with regard to delivery times and availability is considered to be the benchmark in motorcycle industry.

  • PowerParts

The KTM PowerParts range extends from design elements and travel equipment to tools right through to the tuning materials used by KTM factory riders in world championship races. With the help of the extensive, high-quality assortment, it is possible to tune any motorcycle individually for the grand entrance and equip it for long-distance tours or racing use.

  • PowerWear

The distinctive KTM PowerWear clothing line was introduced in 1997 and now consists of over 350 articles. The product range extends from professional racing clothing to baby rompers. The KTM rider therefore also has the opportunity to identify him/herself with the KTM brand away from the racetrack and everyday motorcycling. As with the Original Spare Parts and PowerParts, the PowerWear range is available exclusively from authorised KTM dealers.

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