The KTM Brand

"READY TO RACE" – for KTM, these three words are far more than a simple slogan. They stand for the entire company philosophy of developing vehicles that can without any modifications comprehensively assert themselves in any race. Direct from the dealer onto the track and into the battle for victory.

Designers, engineers and riders are bound by a clear common denominator: an unconditional passion for motorcycles. The whole KTM family is a living example of this worldwide. Countless offroad World and European championship titles plus brilliant victories in the world's toughest races (International Six Days Enduro, Dakar Rally, Erzbergrodeo, and many more) all speak for themselves. And KTM Supermotos, Naked Bikes, Superbikes and the X-Bow all demonstrate what an "orange" lead means on asphalt.

  • Purity

    Less is more – optimisation to the bare essentials is the essence. All KTMs are developed and manufactured in accordance with the KTM purity requirement from 1992. Only components that make the motorcycle lighter, stronger and faster become part of a KTM.

  • Performance

    It’s only performance at the wheel that counts. The engine power listed in the
    brochure is only half the story. Performance is determined by the overall package
    of weight, handling, power and the ideal tuning of all the components. The performance that’s required to compete with the best and come away victorious.
    Otherwise, there’s no chance of winning more than 240 world championship titles.

  • Adventure

    Motorcycling is an adventure. At least, that’s how we see motorcycling. Courage,
    curiosity and the commitment to leave your own limits behind you – that’s KTM.
    For all those who live out their adventures, rather than only dreaming of them. We turn gasoline into adrenaline.

  • Extreme

    Normal is too risky; passion is not enough. Only extreme commitment delivers outstanding results. This is the approach we take in building extreme motorcycles for extreme applications, because this is the only thing that counts in racing when crossing a desert or climbing the highest passes. This is also how we guarantee that the commitment, blood and sweat of our riders are really worthwhile.

"READY TO RACE" will continue to be the philosophy of KTM in the future too – in the development and production as well as the use of its vehicles.


Ready To Race